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Mexican Style Street corn

Corn on the grill. The quintessential summer staple ready for the flames of an outdoor BBQ. My husband is 50% Mexican, so I am always inspired by his heritage. I've always grilled corn, husk on but finishing it with some extras like cheese and lime are just the kick it needs. Here are the deets: [...]

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Scallops & Risotto

(peeks head outside nervously awaiting lingering snowstorm to hit me in the face) IT'S SPRING! Well, at least it looks like it is. We finally made it through a very long and tough winter. That was a bit** and yes, I'm being polite. I love this time of year! Flowers start poking through the ground [...]

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Massaged Kale & Fennel Steak Salad

  There's a drool that is constant with this salad. I love it and I eat it almost everyday (minus the steak). Sometimes I eat it with chicken or shrimp but it's definitely my go-to! It is very low in fat and super healthy while filling at the same time. Try it! 1 bundle red [...]

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Grilled romaine salad

This is a super easy entertaining salad that can be grilled outside or indoors. It can also be made ahead of time and does not have to be served warm. Simply drizzle the dressing over it right before serving. Great when served with steak or grilled meats at a party and easy to make! 2 [...]

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Avo Caprese Cups

Avocado caprese salad cups - an easy to eat and entertain dish I had a get together with my coworkers for lunch and I wanted to make something quick, brunchy and vegetarian. This is a great vegetarian option that also comes together quick. I paired this with a frigate, a goat cheese tart and something [...]

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Eggplant Rollatini

I love eggplant. The two best ways to make it in my opinion? Asian inspired with rice or parm/rollatini. You can't go wrong. Rollatini is just eggplant parm basically, stuffed with ricotta and spinach (among other spices). It is so worth it! Sunday's + rain +being nine months preggo and about to pop any day [...]

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Lamb chops & lemon cous cous

Looking for a dish that takes no longer than 20 minutes to throw together? Hi, it's here! One of my favorite holiday dishes is lamb or roast. I'm posting my seared lamb chop recipe because these cuties are simple to make and great for a dinner party. Now, some of you may have tried lamb [...]

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Butternut Squash salad with crispy prosciutto

Crisp fall salads that can transition into winter? YES please. I love a warm/cold salad and this happens to feature both. I roasted butternut squash and paired it with some of my favorite winter flavors for a light but bold crunch. Plus, find me a person who complains at the sight of crispy prosciutto!! Paired [...]

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Sweet potato gnocchi with brown butter sage

Well, I've been a little MIA lately and realized I hadn't posted since July! A lot has happened since then. The biggest news is, we are pregnant and I am currently 5.5 months along! We are having a little girl and are both so excited. Of course that plus a new job, travel and home [...]

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Grilled Shrimp Cocktail

Since we are on the simple eating bandwagon now, let's give you another recipe you can make for a crowd that is easy to make and serve. It's grilled shrimp cocktail. I know we've all eaten shrimp cocktail till the cows come home. I like to add a different twist to mine and grill them. [...]

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