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Lamb chops & lemon cous cous

Looking for a dish that takes no longer than 20 minutes to throw together? Hi, it's here! One of my favorite holiday dishes is lamb or roast. I'm posting my seared lamb chop recipe because these cuties are simple to make and great for a dinner party. Now, some of you may have tried lamb [...]

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Butternut Squash salad with crispy prosciutto

Crisp fall salads that can transition into winter? YES please. I love a warm/cold salad and this happens to feature both. I roasted butternut squash and paired it with some of my favorite winter flavors for a light but bold crunch. Plus, find me a person who complains at the sight of crispy prosciutto!! Paired [...]

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Sweet potato gnocchi with brown butter sage

Well, I've been a little MIA lately and realized I hadn't posted since July! A lot has happened since then. The biggest news is, we are pregnant and I am currently 5.5 months along! We are having a little girl and are both so excited. Of course that plus a new job, travel and home [...]

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Grilled Shrimp Cocktail

Since we are on the simple eating bandwagon now, let's give you another recipe you can make for a crowd that is easy to make and serve. It's grilled shrimp cocktail. I know we've all eaten shrimp cocktail till the cows come home. I like to add a different twist to mine and grill them. [...]

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Pistachio Pesto Shrimp pasta

Summer has been a little bit hectic so far. We took a trip to Poland to handle some business but to also be with family. It was a good but quick 5 days! Each day, I thought about the garden a little and was curious to see what was growing. I was also daydreaming about [...]

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Red Kale salad with fennel & cherries

All of my favorite foods are just around the corner with the start of the garden! As you saw in my recent post, we planted quite a bit of herbs and greens. I am super excited to see the little guys coming up through the ground, soon to take over the garden! My upcoming recipes [...]

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Simply Grilled Octopus

Summer is here and that means my focus will immediately be shifting to - Grilling!! Being outdoors and grilling up my favorite foods is basically heaven in my book, but it shouldn't stop at chicken. There are so many unique proteins you can grill, one of them being octopus. It's lean, tender and delicious. Now, [...]

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Organic Gardening 101

Gardening season is here and it's that time of year! For the past several decades, my family has managed a large garden. I always love when spring comes around because I know it's time to plant. Of course, I also anticipate harvesting hundreds of tomatoes at a time and the marinara sauce that comes of [...]

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Stock your pantry clean!

There are a lot of questions that go through your mind when you have to make a lifestyle adjustment. Years ago, I started to realize that I just couldn't eat the same foods that I used to eat without feeling like crap! At first, I blamed it on getting older. I thought, ok I'm in my [...]

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Monica’s Guac

I realize there are one million and one ways to make guac. I have tried several, from store bought to restaurant table-side! The one I keep going back to though, is one that is made at home. I just think that house made guac is fresh, tasty and healthy! You can control the amount of [...]

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