Stock your pantry clean!

There are a lot of questions that go through your mind when you have to make a lifestyle adjustment.

Years ago, I started to realize that I just couldn’t eat the same foods that I used to eat without feeling like crap! At first, I blamed it on getting older. I thought, ok I’m in my mid 20’s, this is what happens. It’s normal! Nope. I also felt like gluten was hiding everywhere. In soy sauce, vodka, bread, pizza and more. I’m not saying it’s the enemy, I just remember that it started to make me personally feel tired and hungover. Yes, like if I ate a bowl of pasta, I would feel like I went out all night drinking and was hungover. Eventually, my joints also started to feel it and became super achy. It was crazy that this is what food could do.

It was equally as inspiring to know that the right foods could reverse it!

We have the power to change anything we want to put in our bodies. I took a good hard look at my pantry, the fridge and freezer, and started to make some adjustments. I stated to stock them with my “feel good foods”.

Let’s talk about some of those.

I usually do my grocery shopping with the masses, on a Sunday. If I can’t, then Monday is my day.

The most common thing I hear is, “oh man I have an intolerance and eating clean is going to be HELL!” Well, lucky for you, I am a foodie fattie and I love love love to eat. That means that I will recommend foods to you, but they will never be boring. I didn’t want to feel like I was losing my ‘culinary edge’, ha, and still wanted to feel like I was eating like a normal human being!

Here are some small adjustments we can make if you want to eat a little cleaner, while eliminating wheat.

Pantry Items:

Pastas – Replace with Gluten Free pasta. There are so many on the market now that can be found in any store! I love to make pasta with homemade pesto, or pasta with Rao’s tomato basil sauce. Top it with sautéed kale in olive oil, chopped onion and marinated artichokes. To. Die. For. Jasmine Rice, Oatmeal or Quinoa are ok though!

Flours – How do you take away flour? Well, there are lots of good options out there. For baking, I like to use Cup for Cup flour, coconut flour or Red’s Mill products. For Chicken parm or breaded things, I also use cup for cup flour. Breadcrumbs are a little tricky, I usually omit them completely and just use flour and egg as a crispy batter for chicken. If you really miss them, they have gluten free options at Wholefoods. Pictured: shrimp and broccoli, coconut shrimp, veggie quiche. All recipes on the site!

Cookies/brownies – I have sneakily baked the gluten free brownies that King Arthur makes and my husband now prefers them over regular. They are addictive and so damn good. There are also lots of dessert options like ice cream, flan, sorbet, chocolate mousse, chocolate bars that are naturally gluten free. I don’t eat pastries because that is where you find the refined flour and those really get me! Pictured: 5 banana bread

Soy Sauce – Take this right out and don’t use it on your sushi because it is filled with gluten! Thankfully, there are alternatives that are gluten free. In general, I don’t use marinades, with the exception of making my own or using basic Italian dressing.

What does a grocery haul look like? What are the staples?

  • Eggs
  • Meat – I buy sirloin tips, white fish like cod, or salmon or chicken sausage
  • Veggies – Kale, spinach, iceberg lettuce, mixed greens or arugula.
  • Sweet potatoes, Baked potatoes, yellow potatoes
  • Fruits – apples, oranges, grapes, banana etc
  • Bacon (for a nice wedge salad, mmmm)
  • avocados
  • onions
  • tomatoes
  • red potatoes (see my recipe for easy roasted red potatoes, I make them weekly, including now as I type this!)
  • herbs
  • Cereal – I eat gluten free Cheerios
  • Jasmine Rice, Oatmeal or Quinoa
  • Nuts over Fish (a DELICIOUS topping that is made of nuts and herbs and poured over fish. Bake the fish at 400 for 20 minutes and voila)
  • Granola Bars (GF options at Wholefoods)
  • Yogurt with gluten free granola

Here are some meal ideas to make for yourself, or for the whole family!


  • Eggs, bacon, hash browns
  • Oatmeal, fresh fruit
  • GF pancakes (so good)
  • Cereal; gluten free cheerios and honey nut cheerios
  • Lox
  • Greek yogurt, gf vanilla granola, honey drizzle
  • Frittata (Pictured) Recipe on site
  • Eggs Migas with Gluten free Tortilla chips


  • Turkey wrap, gf wrap, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard
  • Grilled chicken, quinoa, roasted veggies (basically any veggie sliced, olive oil salt, pepper and roasted on 400 degrees)
  • Salad with salmon, protein, steak tips
  • Sushi! No soy sauce, but if it’s good sushi, you shouldn’t be using it anyways 😉
  • Nicoise salad, tuna, potatoes, egg, green beans etc
  • Wedge salad
  • GF pretzels, hummus
  • Soup like veggie soup, tomato bisque, but not clam chowder because it has a flour roux to thicken it.


  • Salmon with roasted red potatoes (recipes for both available on the site)
  • Risotto, any kind! Here is my veggie risotto.
  • Cod or pollock baked with Nuts over Fish, side salad or rice
  • Grilled or Pan seared Sirloin tips with salad, green beans
  • Ground beef tacos with lettuce wraps and all the fixings. Also, gluten free wraps are out there!
  • Pork sausage with pepper and onions served with mustard
  • BBQ chicken with sweet potato and honey butter
  • Scallops with Jasmine Rice and Sautéed Kale
  • Gluten Free pasta with Rao’s tomato sauce
  • Chicken fajitas with lettuce wraps
  • Burger, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, lettuce bun
  • In general, french fries are ok, mashed potatoes are ok always!


Remember, that gluten comes from wheat. So when you’re out to dinner or shopping for yourself, ask yourself if this is made with wheat? Or, would this have wheat in it? For example, chicken parm is breaded with flour first, egg then breadcrumbs or pound cake has flour in it, etc.

  • All potatoes are gluten free
  • Protein keeps you full, so start replacing carbs with fish, meat, eggs. Supplement the meal with vegetables.
  • BE careful with Vodka. Grey Goose is made from wheat and NOT gluten free! Check out my entire liquor list on my homepage.
  • Rice, Quinoa, oatmeal are ok so you can always fill up on those

Eventually, instead of asking yourself if something is gluten free, you just become used to it. For example, wedge salad, gluten free, or this dish, this is what I would have to do to omit the flour, etc. That is the whole purpose of my blog! I want you to all enjoy your food, like I do, but make adjustments for your well being. I hope you feel better, I know I do and I wish the same for all!







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