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Monica Pietrzak

Hey guys, welcome to my blog!

When I found out I had a gluten intolerance, I thought my foodie days were over. The first thing I said was “oh no I LOVE pasta and pizza!”. In fact, it has taught me to creatively view food. I am 80/20, meaning, I eat mostly protein, vegetables but will occasionally eat granola, healthy breads or house made pastas. I am intolerant, not allergic, so the 80/20 rule works for me! I’m very interested in organic eating and growing our own food!

I started this journey by first working as a resident food blogger and reporter (NESN) for Boston’s restaurants, nightlife and writing about my culinary journey.  I was involved in pageants at the time and during my year as Miss Connecticut USA I learned a lot about health. What are we putting in our bodies? What is causing people to react to food? Is there a way to change or modify that….

What started as exploring the hip places to eat, turned into a love of what comes before the plate. The more I became immersed in the world of food, the more I started to learn about my own health, what works for people with health goals, even ways of changing favorites. I love to travel, experience how other cultures connect through food and bring these recipes home to my own kitchen.

(My sister and I making pierogi at Christmas, a tradition in our home for years)


I am a Pre-Med major and started by working in drug discovery, now some of the largest medical companies – Pfizer, Novartis and Baxter Healthcare. Most recently, in the operating room in surgical oncology cultivating and testing cell response to various chemotherapy. The human body fascinates me to the core! I’ve had the opportunity to learn so much and am thankful. I continue to take the science behind our body and apply it to food.

At home, we grew up with a 1/4 acre garden in our backyard, organic food, compost heap and both parents who cooked everyday. I remember being the kid who rang the doorbells of neighbors offering fresh produce when the tomato crop got crazy. I grew a passion for sustainable food and all of this taught me to be conscious of what to put in our bodies.

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Ditch the Gluten Monica Pietrzak

Ditch the Gluten Monica Pietrzak

This blog really focuses on how to fit gluten free into your life with small changes, not large scale.

Basically, my recipes will give you favorites back. It will also share the healthy alternatives you can make to supplement your active life day to day. It’s a combination of both – and all in moderation.

I’m happy to share my story with you and hopefully this can help others!




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