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Seattle is known for some of the best grunge music and views in the country – but the food – that was amazing.

You can’t visit and not see Pike Place Market. This place was like foodie heaven. They had every dried spice, every type of seafood, any vegetable you want available to the masses. The market was packed. I don’t care if it’s 2pm on a Monday or Saturday it was crawling with foodies alike. Some of my favorite stores were the ones that were tucked away. I happily left with packages of 7-spice, provencal, lavender, teas, squid ink pasta (super briney and citrusy tasting) and balsamic to die for. My luggage exceeded its limit, let’s just say that.

One of my nerdy dreams was to go shopping at Pike Place, pick out my ingredients from each vendor, then make a dish for the family. Basically, I freaked out when I saw delicious, rich and sweet spot prawns. That was a treat! The shrimp were the feature of the day, they were huge! I’ve never seen prawns that size on the east coast! Aside from that, chatting with local vendors finding out how they source their food was the best.

I left very happy with a bag of seafood and excitement. Here was my shopping cart:

– 1/2 lb basil garlic fettuccine or lemon fettuccine (you can use regular pasta also)

(1/2 for 2 people with leftovers. 1lb is enough to feed 5 people) http://www.pappardellespasta.com/products/dried-pasta/flat-cut-pasta/basil-garlic-fettuccine

– 1/2-1lb jumbo prawns with shell on (as large as you can get them at store. This adds the best flavor. Always get shrimp this way and peel yourself!)

– 1 shallot minced

– 5 cloves of fresh garlic, finely chopped

– pinch of red pepper flake for heat

– Olive oil. I like infused oils but regular is also fine! http://www.sottovoce.com/Olive-Oils/

– 2 teaspoons mascarpone cheese or herbed cheese

– 1 bundle of parsley and basil finely chopped

– 1/2 stick of unsalted butter

– bottle of dry white wine

– 1 lemon


1.) Boil pasta according to instructions, water salted, drain, set aside.

2.) Peel and devein the prawns, set aside

3.) In large pot on medium heat, coat pot with olive oil and 2 tablespoon butter. Add shallot and garlic chopped finely. Sautee until translucent. Add pinch of salt and pepper plus pepper flakes.

4.) Add in shrimp. Turn shrimp until they are pink on either side. Add 1/4 cup of dry white wine, 2 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice, grate 1 pinch of the lemon zest, bring to boil then reduce to simmer on low until mixture thickens. Add 1 teaspoon of mascarpone cheese and chopped herbs. Taste for seasoning. If sauce is too thick, add a dash of cream.

5.) Toss in pasta, 1 tablespoon butter, grated parmigiano-reggiano cheese. Toss until combined. Finish with grated cheese on top.


I make this all the time for my boyfriend. He seems to like it!


Lavender tea lemonade:


After visiting a beautiful field full of lavender, I was hooked. I realized how good it is in tea. Walking through it was breathtaking. It smelled like a million flowers, well because that’s exactly what we were standing in. All you could hear around you were bees moving about from one flower to the next. It was a sense of peace that reminded me, sometimes you just have to embrace the moment.


– 1 sachet Earl Grey tea

– 1 sachet or loose leaf plain lavender tea, steeped (I bought it at the farm there but you can buy it on Amazon!)

– 2 scoops of lemonade to taste (homemade or powdered is fine)

– 1 teaspoon of honey or lavender honey

– Chill on ice, serve with lemon